Insert sigh of relief here

Did you hear that?

That’s the sound of me NOT DOING HOMEWORK.
Scratch that. That’s the sound of me jumping up and down, doing toe touches and back flips as I think of all of the many things I will be able to do with my life that don’t involve research at the library (okay, so these days research in the library actually means remoting in from home while wearing my pj’s), writing horribly long and boring research papers, taking tests, and reading thousands of pages of stupid journal articles that nobody really cares about.
Okay, I’m sure SOMEBODY cares about the stupid journal articles. Like the moms of the authors. But maybe not. I have the most fantastic mother ever, and I don’t think she ever read the article I had published. I don’t blame here. It was 25 freaking pages! I wouldn’t want to read it either, unless I’m suffering from insomnia, and then it’s a surefire way to get some sleep.
But all that is over. Tonight I finished my VERY LAST HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT EVER. It was a simple 15-page term paper that I churned out in less than four hours. Just as I’m getting more efficient than ever at writing these silly papers… poof, it’s over!
And praise the Lord that it’s over!
I still have to defend my thesis later this week. And I still have to sit through three more classes. But I have no more assignments to turn in. They’re all finished. FINISHED I TELL YOU. And I am a very. happy. girl. Giddy, really.
So giddy that I may not sleep. Hopefully the Benedryl will take care of that.

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