I’m going to be rich

If I had a dollar for every time some well-meaning person asked me if I was pregnant…
I’d be a dollar richer. Again…
That’s right… it happened again. Is this normal, people? I was at a non-profit fundraiser over the weekend, and a well-meaning friend who has known me since I was in college, came up to me, put her arm around me, and said…
Her: So, I hear you have some BIG NEWS for me!
Me: Huh?
Her: I hear you have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!
Me: uh???
Her: So are you…
And then I knew what she was talking about. The P-word. She never said it out-right, but she didn’t have to, I knew what she was referring to. I quickly assured her that I am most definitely NOT pregnant. And then I did my best attempt at laughing it off.
But it still hurt my feelings.
I realize that every time someone asks me (probably about 10 times since January), it’s a well-meaning person who knows me and who is probably super excited that I’m finally married, and they probably assume that the next logical step is to immediately make a baby. I keep telling myself that they are not suggesting that I have a baby bump, although I have retired several shirts that may have given that impression.
I know my blog buddies (most of whom have had babies) are much more sensitive than that. But to the rest of the world… please don’t ask. Ever.
I promise that when the time comes for a big announcement (and trust me, there are no plans for anything like that for awhile), I will shout it from the rooftops. You know I can’t keep a secret. But don’t hold your breath – after spending the first four months of our marriage sick in bed, I’ve got a few adventures to experience before we start expanding our little family.
Speaking of which… for all of my sweet blog friends who prayed so fervently for me earlier this year, I’m happy to report that I have been healthy four straight months! Praise Jesus.
In other news – the “are you pregnant” question didn’t do too much to damper our evening. The fundraiser was a big BINGO game, and Mr. Right won one of the largest packages! He won us tickets to the Fort Worth Symphony at Bass Hall, the Dallas Symphony, tickets to several movie theaters, tickets to a live theater production of Scrooge, tickets to the Omni theater, plus some misc. other date nights. We are beyond thrilled.


  1. Insane!!! I CAN NOT imagine asking anybody that… ( and for the record, I only joked about it via a blog comment when you first got suspiciously sick after honeymooning ) ;). Of all people I know, your frame is the LEAST likely to even remotely look pregnant. Strange, indeed!


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