I love Losers

No, this isn’t a description of all my high school boyfriends… okay, maybe a few.

How come nobody told me about the greatness that is The Biggest Loser?! Since I have exhausted my Tivo and my entire movie collection (and all of the new releases at my neighborhood Blockbuster), I am now branching out and trying out LIVE television. I know. Crazy concept. I haven’t seen LIVE television in at least two years.
This show is fantastic. Not only is it great drama, but the characters are so likeable, and they give nutrition and fitness tips before every commercial! This is helpful to me, the girl who thought she was dieting by eating massive amounts of pasta in high school. It’s a good thing God blessed me with a good metabolism.
But anyway, that sweet show made me cry. Then again, it might be the meds.
And I must warn you, the deluge of blogs may continue for yet another day. Even though I feel significantly better, I still have a fever that just won’t say no. Until that breaks, I’m still contagious, which means no work, no hanging out with friends, and LOT’S of free time. So here come the posts.

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  1. I love the biggest loser, reality TV without the drama, and for the most part nice people that even though they are in a competition for a good chunk of money, they are supportive of each other. Glad your on the band waggon!


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