Hyperventilating before bedtime

I teach Sunday School in the morning. It’s 10:45 the night before. My lesson is done. My handout is done. I go to print them out…

and my computer has a nervous breakdown. Which causes me to have a nervous breakdown. First it won’t print, then my computer won’t turn on, then it finally does turn on, but still no printer. Or internet. I started to hand-write my lesson (who hand-writes anything these days?) and finally got my internet to work. Luckily, sister Sarah came to the rescue–I have emailed her both documents, and she is kindly going to print them and bring them in the morning.

But I’m left with a feeling of utter helplessness. It’s one of those moments where I would just like to cry. But I’m a big girl, so I won’t. At least, I probably won’t. I don’t know how to fix my computer, or my printer. I only hope that if I leave it alone for a few days, it will miraculously heal on its own. Because otherwise I don’t know what to do. Other than set fire to it, throw it out of a moving vehicle, or use it as a very expensive paperweight.

I’m going to go finish my nervous breakdown and try to catch some sleep.

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