He’s home

Well, my friends… my man is home. And life has gone back to normal, whatever normal is. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to spend all day Saturday home with him, watching movies and napping to the sound of the rain hitting our window. We had missed each other so much, and I just wanted to soak him in.
And I’m happy to report that the sweet smell of curry washed right off in the shower the first night he got home.
But there’s no rest for the weary – after one day off Mr. Right had to hit the ground running, working an 11-hour day on Sunday that included his once-a-month preaching gig at the local nursing home. He did so well, and afterward he looked at me with those tired eyes and said, “Did I make any sense at all?” My poor man was almost delirious. But yes, he made wonderful sense, thanks to the holy spirit and the two cups of black coffee he drank on the way there.
I’m still learning bits and pieces about his trip, but I thought I’d share two pictures he took of the beautiful people in India. My man’s not a photographer by trade but some of his pictures made me absolutely swoon with pride.
I love this first one, because you can see all of this woman’s life toils and memories written as wrinkles on her face. I think she is gorgeous.
This second one is a group of orphans that Mr. Right preached to… 1400 in all. I asked him if we could go back and adopt one or two… or four. Maybe someday. Pray for these children, as most are not Christians.

Thank you for praying along with me during this trip to India. What a blessing you are to me.


  1. Glad he's home safe and sound. I know zero about photography, but that first pic looks like something from a magazine. Wow!


  2. Most gracious Father, first and foremost we praise you for your awesomeness. You lead your people into nations to tell of your goodness, and reward them with blessings unbounded. We ask for your image to be known where the feet of missionaries have tread, and prepare an opportunity and place for your Word to conquer forth. Thank you for guiding and supplying all that is needed.


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