My friend Tiffany, who inspired me to buy this silly sewing machine in the first place, has graciously offered to come help me figure out how to fix it. I mean, it’s the least she can do, seeing as she single-handedly caused this whole mess. It’s all her fault. Right Tiffany? (chuckle chuckle)

Actually, assuming she can get the darn thing working, I’m looking forward to a fun girls’ night tonight. I’m also going to enjoy eating and drinking everything that’s bad for me… tonight I’m eating fried chicken, french fries, a diet coke, and a milk shake for dinner. Because tomorrow night I’m running seven miles… so it will be nothing but light, bland foods and water all day tomorrow. I need to fit in as much fun as possible tonight, just in case I collapse on the trail or something tomorrow. I think I deserve to go out happy.


  1. I don’t quite remember encouraging you to get into quilting, but I am glad that you are. Gives us plenty to do on girls nights!!! Glad we got your problem fixed, now lets see if you can handle it on your own next time!!! The test of a true quilter. : )


  2. Tiff–when I’m rich and famous from all those fabulous quilts, I’ll tell people that I owe it all to you, my dear friend!


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