Hello vacation!

1. Decorate my house for Christmas (including hanging outdoor Christmas lights like the independent woman I am).

2. Sew new ruffle garlands for my Christmas tree BEFORE decorating my house for Christmas. I’m crossing my fingers I threw last year’s ruffles in a box of Christmas decorations, but I think I remember telling myself I’d just make fresh ones this year. Stupid 2011 version of myself!

3. Eat and EAT and EAT.

4. Have a birthday. Eat some birthday cake.

5. Take a mini-trip to visit long lost friends.

6. Finish a quilt, then start and finish at least one more.

7. Design/print/possibly sew/stuff/address/mail Christmas cards. (PS- If you would like one of these Christmas cards, please be sure to send me your address!)

8. Make my Christmas presents. And try my hardest not to wrap them on Christmas Eve like I’ve done the past TWO Christmases. (organized planner FAIL)

9. Drink at least one cup of hot chocolate. With marshmallows.

10. Snuggle with Mr. Right next to a fire and watch a Christmas movie.

11. Spend quality time with family.

12. Relax. Like, REALLY relax for a change.


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