Good news, bad news

The good news: WE SOLD THE HOUSE!

Mr. Right and I are so pleased to report that the house sale finally went through on Friday! Hooray! We went out and celebrated in grand style Friday night at the world-famous Joe T. Garcia’s.

The bad news: I’m sick. Again.

I’ve been healthy since early May, but had my first relapse over the weekend. I spent much of Saturday in bed, and hope that resting all day today, along with an upped dose of antibiotics (I already take a daily antibiotic, but have now upped it to full-treatment mode) will help keep this bout short and sweet. We had our pictures made yesterday by our dear friends at McGowan Images, and hopefully with the help of photoshop you’ll never know that I was feeling kind of lousy and feverish. I can’t wait to see the pictures – even though it was 95 degrees outside, we dressed up in scarves and tall boots (well, I wore a scarf and tall boots… Mr. Right didn’t) and took pictures on our vintage bicycles and cuddling on Mr. Right’s great-great-grandmother’s homemade quilt. I’ll share the pics this week as soon as we get a sneak preview.

In the meantime, I’m lying in bed, catching up on Beth Moore sermons (almost finished with her Paul series) and sewing yo-yo’s. Tonight Mr. Right is hosting a testosterone-filled “man night” at our place, so I’ll be relocating to my parents’ couch… rumor has it there may be a home-cooked meal there when I arrive.


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