Found it!

I found my lunch/pedicure/Starbucks/random-I-want-to-buy-this-envelope – it had slipped between the pages of a work notebook that I brought home with me one evening. Several days later I went to a meeting, flipped the page and my envelope slipped right out.

This is me breathing a sigh of relief.
And this is me making a mental note to clean out my gigantic mom-purse.
I know Mr. Right would have graciously let me take additional money out, but I felt like such an air head for losing a wad of cash in the midst of our two-mortgages reality. Which reminds me, I’d love it if you’d say a prayer that house #2 sells quickly. It’s been on the market for about a month now, and I’d love to see it go! Please join me in praying that God will be glorified even in the mundane selling of our beloved little house.

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