Finally… the resolutions

I’ve been putting this off much too long. Part of the reason is because I wanted to make a creative post with beautiful photos to illustrate each resolution. But you see, I was too busy hosting a Bachelor-watching party, getting a pedicure with my sister, swimming through Wuthering Heights (still), and grabbing an unexpected dinner out. And all of those trump the beautiful photos.

So… as I like to say… good enough.
-I will make my bed every single day.
-I will memorize one new scripture per week, with the assistance of my handy-dandy fashionable note card flip-thingy that my Sunday School class gave me for my birthday. It’s really the best way to guard your mind and your tongue, as well as being able to provide Godly encouragement on the fly to others. Memorizing scripture makes me really, really happy.
This week’s scripture happens to be my life verse from 2008: “Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to the house of Israel failed; every one was fulfilled.” (Joshua 21:45). LOVE IT.
-I’d like to run a half marathon this fall, in honor of my (gulp) 30th birthday. Maybe one in the spring, but we’ll see.
-I will read a ton and cook a ton.
-Save for a “new” (aka–used) car.
And just for kicks… here was a list of short-term life goals I set for myself four years ago. Let’s see how I’ve done since then:
-Run 10 miles (check – ran a half marathon)
-See an opera (haven’t done this yet)
-Go on a cruise (check – twice)
-Travel to Italy (check – twice)
-Go to California (check – twice)
-Learn to play piano again (no check)
-Read 15 books in 2006 (don’t remember)
-Become more organized (depends on your definition of “organized”… small check)
-See more Broadway Plays (check… Wicked, Mary Poppins, Mama Mia)
Here’s some new short-term life goals I’m adding to my list:
-Travel to Africa
-Travel to Israel
-Write a book
-Learn how to quilt… for real.
And then the rest will just be cake.

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