Easter weekend… & baby girl has a name!

  • Ate my weight the baby’s weight in peach cobbler and chocolate cupcakes and chocolate pie.
  • Caught up with loved ones on both sides of the family.
  • Visited a dear friend in her brand-new house.
  • Wore sundresses and flip-flops and LOVED it.
  • Held hands with my man as we sang worship songs at church.
  • Chased some bad guys in my car. Err, I mean called 911 to report a suspicious vehicle, then hunted them down when they moved one street over and called again. (I watch Law & Order – I know how these things work.)
  • Attended a birthday for a friend. Everybody there had little kids running around. It was like a glimpse into our future, and I kind of dug it.
  • Took naps.
  • Registered for baby gear while lying in bed. God bless the Internet.
  • Baked and cooked and pretended to be domestic again.
  • Watched my little toes swell up like Vienna sausages. (isn’t it too soon for that?!?)
  • Found an old box of treasures from my childhood. Was highly entertained by third grade journal entries and my “Men of Mansfield High” calendar. I’m embarrassed – or proud – of how many of those boys I dated.
  • Oh, and we named our baby girl.
Story behind the name to come later.


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