Dog lovers rejoice

Today I found the owner of the stray dog. Turns out the dog’s name is Levi and he lives one neighborhood away. I was able to track his owner down thanks to my neighborhood’s online message board (yea for modern technology!) and Levi was reunited with his family before lunch. So Harley the Wonder Schnoodle continues to be an only child, and I am still a long way from being the crazy dog lady.

Tonight I went out to celebrate (almost) the end of semester #5 with my classmates and my professor. As much as this class has worn me out, I have really enjoyed the other girls in the class, and my professor is fantastic. We went to a neat hole-in-the-wall for dinner, margaritas (them) and Diet Coke (me). We had so much fun that we’ve decided to do it again in July, just so we can stay in touch. Having cool people in my class makes all the late evenings and homework a lot more bearable. And, I talked to my professor about a possible PAID assistantship! If I can get my class paid for, that means I can spend that other money on stuff for my house or trips to Europe! Yipee! We’ll see if it works out… One class costs me $2700, which would buy an AWESOME two weeks abroad! Or, a new dining room set!

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