Dicey Icey

It was a treacherous drive in to work this morning. My driveway was a solid sheet of ice. The streets near my house… solid ice. I slid straight through a stop sign. And a red light. Lost control in the parking lot of my favorite donut shop (because even an ice storm won’t keep me from my favorite breakfast stop). I skidded my way into the hospital parking lot. Once there, it was too frozen to walk, so I sat in my car and patiently waited for a shuttle. While waiting, a truck barreled through the parking lot, losing control and spinning in circles. It narrowly missed me.

But once I made it safely indoors, the day got really good. Reporters were desperate for ice-related stories, and I happily complied. We’ll be featured in our local paper tomorrow, and tonight we should have a couple of stories on the local news. So all that danger was well worth it.

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