Cross-Eyed Quilt

Sometimes I buy fabric, and I have no idea what to do with it. So, it just sits on the shelf of my sewing studio, occasionally I pull it out and admire it, steal small corners for other projects (if you look closely, you’ll recognize two of these fabrics from one of Wrenn’s dresses I made her), and wait until inspiration finds me. For this fabric, that waiting probably took me over a year (I’m pretty sure I bought this before Wrenn was born).


I pulled out my Pinterest app on my phone and scanned my Not Your Grandma’s Quilt board looking for ideas, and this one jumped out at me. The layout was super easy, and that quilt will now live on the floor of my sewing studio until I finish piecing her – hopefully in the next few days (some quilts have been known to live in there – which doubles as a spare bedroom – for weeks or months).

Someone asked me if I bought pre-cut squares. Oh, bless her. This mama rarely buys charm packs (with the assorted pre-cut fabric) because (a) they’re more expensive, and (b) my options become more limited because there’s just a few pieces of each type of fabric in a pack. I was definitely on my hands and knees for about 90 minutes cutting out all of these 6-inch squares (that is, after I ironed all of the fabric first). But, compared to the half-square triangles I tend to love, this moved much faster.


I tend to only have time to quilt on Saturday mornings during Wrenn’s morning nap, which means very little quilting time. But Mr. Right was working all day Saturday, and I was caught up on all my chores and errands, so after she woke up, I decided to create a temporary sewing space in our living room, right next to her playroom, so that she could play next to me while I continued to sew. It was wonderful – I think this will be my new go-to plan when Mr. Right is gone. (For those of you wondering, I kept the iron on the kitchen counter with the cord up on the counter where she couldn’t reach, so there was no danger of her pulling it down on herself – one of the biggest reasons why I won’t let her wander into my sewing room… ever.)

I wish you could understand just how happy I am when I’m working on a quilt – I listen to a book on tape and get to create something new and pretty while I escape from the world. Step by step I watch everything come together – it’s relaxing and exciting and such a creative outlet. It’s one of my very favorite things in the whole world. And since Saturday I was able to do it while Wrenn played next to me, I got to sneak in some baby hugs while I worked. Pure bliss.


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