Home run

This has been a pretty cool week.

Wednesday I went to a Mavericks game (saw Dirk’s first game back from his ankle injury) and sat right behind the Mavs’ bench. Even better, they won!

Thursday I hit a home run at my softball game. That happens… well… never. But somehow I hit it over the outfielders’ heads and made it all the way home without getting thrown out. I think it was a miracle from God. It’s the only plausible explanation.

Then tonight I saw Ginny Owens in concert at my favorite coffee shop. She is wonderful–her lyrics express a lot of the things that go through my head on a regular basis. I already have several of her songs on my ipod, and I’ll definitely be adding a few new ones this weekend.

The only thing I didn’t do this week was sleep, and since I had a skinny cafe latte during the concert tonight, it looks like I won’t be sleeping tonight either. Luckily, I have a Sunday School lesson to write, and maybe some itunes shopping to do later.