Brain dead evening

I have hit my wall, slid down that wall, and ended up a wet puddle on the floor. To say I’ve had an intense 24 hours is an understatement – between an unexpected and very stressful trip to the ER (and a phone call that made my heart stop – thankfully all is now fine), an all-day commercial shoot that involved a huge crew of people in multiple locations, and about 4 hours of sleep between those two… I’m pretty darn useless.

So instead I’ll just post a picture of my dear nephew Luke. As tired as I was, I couldn’t help but swing by his house to hold him for a little while. Holding a sleeping baby just slows your heart beat a little, calms your nerves, and makes your stress melt away. Thanks Luke for the pick-me-up. You are so dear to my heart, little man.

PS–It’s a small travesty that after paying a professional make-up artist a small fortune to work on our commercial today… one who happens to specialize in air brushing and who has worked with the Cowboy Cheerleaders… that I would look like this at the end of the day. I really should have asked her to give me the once-over with that make-up of hers.
(Also – I made that quilt in the background.)

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