Boys shouldn’t line dance

I went dancing for my roommate’s birthday (Happy Birthday friend!) at a country & western place in town this weekend. I love to 2-step because it doesn’t require any rhythm, which is something that I have in short supply. I’m a terrible dancer. I’m okay with that. But I can 2-step with the best of them, because it requires something I’m good at… practice. And brains. And sophistication (okay, now I’m just full of bologna). You should stop me.

I can country dance, but I can’t line dance. That also requires rhythm. And, it’s really funny to watch strangers create super-sexy dance moves out of something as simple as a line dance. What’s even funnier is to watch guys try to create super-sexy dance moves to impress the ladies while line dancing. It’s not pretty. In fact, it’s ugly. Very ugly.

Boys just shouldn’t line dance. Trust me on this one. You look stupid. Really. I should know.

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