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1. Unroll Me You guys – this is going to change your life. I get SO MUCH JUNK EMAIL. And honestly, I hate reading all of it. And I hate deleting all of it. And I have a conundrum… I like to get regular emails from the brands I love, because when it comes time for me to shop, I want the coupons that come with those emails. But, I don’t want to scroll through them every day, because it creates this “I need” consumer culture, and it’s a temptation I just don’t want.

That’s where Unroll Me comes in handy. It’s genius, really. It scanned my inbox and found every single email that I’m subscribed to and let me choose whether I wanted to unsubscribe, keep as-is, or roll it up into just ONE daily email. To give you an idea, I unsubscribed from 84 emails (84!!!!) and chose to roll up 49. This means that every day I get one email that then shows me all of my subscribed emails as tiny screenshots. If I want to read the email, I simply click on the image and I can see the whole thing. I went from getting 100 unwanted emails a day to just one digest. It’s my new favorite web app.


the-gruffalo-9780333710920062. The Gruffalo This is Wrenn’s favorite show on Netflix. There’s actually two – The Gruffalo, and The Gruffalo’s Child. It is produced by the BBC and may be one of those most beautiful, calming children’s programs I have ever watched. Think beautiful animation, classical music, a quiet, sweet story, and clever writing. We watch it over and over and both of us still love it. In fact, on my work-from-home days, now that Wrenn has dropped her morning nap, she will take her cup of milk, climb onto the couch, tuck herself in with my quilt, and watch this 25-minute episode as her morning “quiet time.”


better-call-saul-key-art-1280x9653. Better Call Saul. You guys, this is my new favorite show. Mr. Right and I watched all of Breaking Bad this past fall – it was our one shared show (we have VERY DIFFERENT taste in TV). So obviously we were super excited to watch the spin-off, and it’s just as good as I hoped it would be. If you’re an uber nerd like me, there’s a podcast hosted by the writers, editors, and actors from the show. Anyway, every Tuesday night is our “date night” where we settle in and watch this together. It’s our thing.


617d380a6e7f84f8c8b87dd0acd3f7bb4. This top. I am SO EXCITED to bust out my spring clothes (am I the only one who forgets what clothes she has during the off-season?). Sundresses, flowy tops, white jeans, sandals… spring clothes are my JAM. I don’t need to do any shopping right now, but if I did, I would totally start with this top. I love the color, the neckline, and the fact that it’s still a little loose. (PS- I’ve been happy with everything I’ve bought from this site, and they deliver super fast.)





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