You’re 11 months old, and I don’t want to forget…

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Baby girl, you’re 11 months old, and I don’t want to forget…

1. You still like to kiss every single page in your book. Every time. You also kiss people and stuffed animals and your cousin Luke, and the baby on the diaper box, and basically anything you can get your hands on.

2. You’ve only had two teeth since you were seven months old, and then suddenly, right at 11 months, you popped out your four top teeth ON THE SAME DAY. My word, you worked hard for those teeth!

3. You are filled with JOY. You fill ME with JOY.

4. You have gotten so cuddly. You love to cuddle up against me, lay your head on my chest, and snuggle for about five seconds, then get back to whatever it was you were doing before. Many times you will take snuggle breaks over. and over. and over.

5. Poor baby girl, you fall ALL THE TIME. You constantly have at least one bruise on your forehead, usually from falling onto furniture.

6. You can now use your stool (made by your daddy!) to climb onto the couch. You’re a pro at it. However, you are not very good at your dismount – you usually just leap head-first, backwards, off the couch and trust that someone will be there to catch you. Most of the time, we do. Most of the time (oh my word, my nerves!).

7. You are a baby foodie. You love everything. Last night you had roasted potatoes with a Havarti cheese sauce. I didn’t even know Havarti was a thing until yesterday, but you happily ate it. Your current favorites are bacon (just like your dad), grapes, blue berries, and potatoes.

11 mo 2

8. You took your first airplane ride at 11 months, to Colorado with my side of the family for a little vacation in Estes Park. Your daddy had to work so he stayed home, but you and I had a blast with your cousin Luke, your aunts and uncles and grandparents. You got to go swimming for the first time (which you LOVED), went on a hayride, and went shopping in Boulder. The flight coming home was a bit rough, and we were both covered in Ritz crackers and cherry sucker by the time we landed, but we made it. You got those four new teeth a few days later, which I think made the trip a little harder for you.

9. Your favorite movie is Frozen. It’s like a drug for you. Daddy just discovered that the Lego movie also has the same effect. You can sit still for an hour and watch either! (Confession: Sometimes I turn on the movie when I’m running late and need to pack the car, because I know you’ll be perfectly content while I run around the house.)

10. Back to food… we’ve decided to be laid-back about food and just let you try anything we’re eating. Which means that the cake you eat on your first birthday won’t be your first bite of sugar. You’ve had cookies, ice cream, cake… you name it. And you love it all. I can’t wait for your daddy and I to get to cook with you in the kitchen.

11. You are so close to walking… you could totally do it, but you refuse to let go of my hand. You’re a speedy and stealthy crawler (you have a tendency to sneak away if you spot a door ajar… especially to escape to the laundry room or pantry), and you can pull up and walk around the house if there’s furniture to hold onto. Just so I don’t forget, you started crawling and pulling up on the same day – the same week your turned eight months old.

12. You just graduated to a toddler class at church and you LOVE it. You also don’t make it out of the parking lot before you pass out from pure exhaustion after three hours of pure glee.

13. You are still a napping QUEEN. You usually take a 2-hour nap and a 3-hour nap every day, plus you sleep from around 8:30 at night until around 7:30 in the morning. Bless you, my child. Bless you.

11 mo 3

14. Your favorite things in life are: eating, grandparents, snuggles, trying to pet Harley, pulling off shoes and hair bows, your cousins, being outside, bath time, Frozen, being swaddled, laughing, and talking.

15. You can say mama and daddy and your newest trick is pointing and saying “Huh?” You also love to laugh and make other people laugh, and you can play peek-a-boo with a blanket over your head. It gives you the biggest case of the giggles ever.

16. You LOVE people. Strangers, family members, other babies and children… it doesn’t matter, you simply LOVE people. It makes my heart so happy! I think you’re going to be outgoing like your daddy, although when you’re overwhelmed, I’ve seen you turn speechless, just like I do when I’m overwhelmed. I know your personality will continue to evolve, and I will be interested to see if this continues.

Baby girl – I can’t believe you’re 11 months old. I’ve already mailed your birthday invitations (we’re having a family-only party for you in a few weeks) and am busy making plans for your big day. I keep thinking back to this time last year, as I sat, VERY PREGNANT, and wondered what you would look like, what you would be like… and now you are here and your big eyes and big personality make my heart so very happy.


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