You can call me Orange Face

It’s that time of the year. My beautiful summer tan has begun to fade. I’m no longer spending long afternoons by the pool or sunning myself at the lake, and I’m quickly turning white. White.

But give me another month, and I’ll be even more pale. Which is why I’ve got a dilemma. I bought my makeup back when my face was a golden tan. Now it doesn’t match my skintone. But if I buy new makeup now, in another month it won’t match. So what’s a girl to do? These past few days I’ve noticed that “fake” look that comes from wearing makeup that’s too dark, but I’m on a budget. So at this point I’m going to try to suffer through for another week or two, and then just “wing it” at the MAC counter.
So if you see me and my orange face, please know that I know. And just do your best to pretend not to notice. 

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