Who’s getting married???

I got a text message this morning that simply said: “I’m getting married!!!”

Unfortunately, I didn’t recognize the number. So I quickly responded, “Who is this?”  It may be a bit rude for me not to know who it was, but this was big news and I needed to know which of my friends I should be happy for.
I never heard back.
So I texted a few more friends. “Do you know who’s getting married?”  I hit a broad range of folks, figuring somebody would be in the same circle as the unknown friend and solve the mystery.
But nobody knew.
So I went through my mental list of friends who are dating. Crazy enough, I only know one or two people who might be in a position to get engaged, and those had already been covered. So after hours of being curious, I finally just dialed the number.
It was a wrong number. Some chick named Michelle, whom I don’t know, is getting married. Congratulations Michelle. I wish you and your stranger fiance a very happy life together.
But what a disappointment for me! So to all my friends who didn’t get engaged today… I feel sort of let down. I was so happy for you, if only for a short while. Maybe tomorrow will be your day.

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