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I’ve been doing a lot of blogging lately on other sites. In case you missed it:

13 Things new parents stress over that seem silly later

This is one of my favorite posts I’ve ever done. Seeing moms who APPEAR to have it all together (and come on, moms of 5 kids who are SO LAID BACK) admit that they stressed over silly things with their first kid makes me feel a lot better about the times I’ve worried about Wrenn’s poop (or lack thereof).

5 Ways to enhance your party with butcher paper

Get ready for some pretty Pinterest pictures and some ideas on how to spice your party up… on the cheap.

photo (57)Cooking with kids: Go ahead and play with your food

Mr. Right and I want to instill a love of cooking in our kids, plus, well, cooking is just FUN when you’re little. It’s an excuse to make a mess, stir things… it’s like a giant science experiment. In fact, after writing this article I decided to let Wrenn have her first “go” at cooking… on the back porch with a bowl of water, a bowl of ice, and lots and lots of cooking utensils. She had the greatest time of her 12-month life stirring, banging things, and splashing the water everywhere. Isn’t that what childhood is all about… getting messy? Especially on a hot summer day…


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