We lost, but it’s okay

The Rangers lost their home opener 8-1, but I didn’t really care. We never led the whole game… in every clutch situation, we blew it.

But I didn’t care, because I was having too much fun. About three hours before the game, someone gave me a handful of suite tickets to the game, so I got to bring my parents and a couple friends to hang out, eat lunch (and ice cream in a helmet!) and enjoy baseball.

I was supposed to go again tonight, but the game was postoned due to bad weather. I’m relieved, because the weather guy was predicting heavy hail, tornadoes and flooding. And since I’m a big scaredy-cat, I whimped out and stayed home. I think we’re clear now, although my dog is still a little worked up. He’s scared of storms, and I’m scared of having my car get hailed on. After all, Snowflake (my car) is sensitive.

I’m also posting some pictures from last week’s Mav’s game:

In this picture below, it looks like a giant pepper is balancing on my head…

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