Two-for-one special

I have been off work for five glorious days now. After several years of living in a state of perceived chaos, I am relishing all this free time and have decided to make good use of these days off by organizing and cleaning everything. At this point, every cabinet, drawer, and closet in my house has been cleaned out. I’ve got a huge stack of clothes and kitchen items to donate to charity (along with 146 pounds of canned goods my very generous friends brought to my graduation party last week, which I carefully weighed and then have since left in the middle of my entry way for me to stumble over every time I leave my house… simply because moving 146 pounds of food is no easy task).
After my crazy organizing kick, everything I own is in some sort of plastic bin, carefully sorted and organized. My house looks amazing.
And yet, with all this new found organization, I can’t seem to find a darn thing! Every time I get dressed, I can’t seem to find my clothes (I’m a bit worried that some of my favorite clothes may have somehow jumped ship into the “donate” pile… never to be seen again). I can’t find my shoes. I can’t find certain items which used to be stuffed into a junk drawer. Now that my junk is so meticulously organized, I’m baffled.
This is why I should just come to terms with living in chaos. Being disorganized is a bit easier to handle. Let’s face it… I’m no Martha Stewart. But please do me a favor and don’t tell anybody… I must at least give the impression that I am domestically inclined.
I’m really more of a Rachel-Ray-meets-Punky-Brewster-while-trying-unsuccessfully-to-pass-herself-off-as-a-Grace Kelly. I’m not sure that’s working so well.

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