Time for a new adventure

I don’t ever talk about work on here – it’s just better for me to keep some things private. However, I also want to be as honest as possible about life and what’s new with our family. And so, I will tell you in very general terms that after ten years, I have a new job.

TEN WHOLE YEARS. That’s pretty crazy for a gal my age, huh? I kind of feel like a kid moving to a new school – I’m going to desperately miss my friends, but I’m also excited about the new possibilities this new job will bring.

The new gig will allow me to have more time at home with my baby girl and Mr. Right, but I’m still going to get to do a lot of the things I love. I’ll be the marketing director for a national  non-profit. This particular place has won awards for being such a great place to work, and I’m so excited to be joining their team. I’m going to get to do some of my work from home, with little Wrenn snoozing in the pack-and-play next to my desk. And, I’m going to get to wear jeans to work. Every day. Well, every day that I’m in the office – let’s be real, I’ll be wearing yoga pants on days I work from home.

I’m just a little bit excited to get to work in jeans. And yoga pants. Especially the yoga pants.

I have literally grown up at this job. I originally started here as a 21-year-old college intern, with two work shirts and one pair of slacks to my name, and not much else. I came back a year after I graduated to be their marketing director at the ripe old age of 23. Since then, I got a masters degree, built a house, got married, and had a baby. I have spent almost a third of my life in this place, working on this same hallway. Some of these people were in my wedding.

My dad gave me some good advice the last time I changed jobs – you know, a decade ago (how am I that old? really?). He told me that they may not remember the way you came, but they’ll always remember the way you leave. And so I will work hard until I turn off the lights and lock my office door for the very last time. I am so thankful for the opportunities this job has afforded me, the people I met here, and the things I have learned. Working at a hospital is so different from anywhere else – it’s like a small city. No matter what time you come to work (and trust me, I worked some odd hours), there is always someone there. I was always comforted by that reality.

In the meantime, since it feels like the first day of school, I guess it’s time to start planning my first day of work outfit. I can promise you one thing… I will be wearing JEANS.

I’m ready for a new adventure.


  1. How exciting! I can only assume that you’re going to be terribly missed, but as someone who includes in her work contracts the ability to wear jeans…even to formal meetings…I 100% understand your excitement! I’ve so enjoyed following what is going on with you and look forward to hearing what new organization you’ll be helping thrive.


  2. Hey Bethe,

    Congratulations on the new work adventure. I am so glad it will allow you to spend more time with sweet Wrenn. Good luck!


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