Thrifty Thursday: A Dress and The Great Jean Jacket Debate

TT Old Navy

I was so thrilled when I found this dress WITH THE TAGS STILL ON at my local thrift store. It’s originally from Old Navy and I snagged it for more than half off the original price. I adore the color and the floral pattern that’s just perfect for spring. However, the cut was a little baggy around the middle, so I paired it with my favorite jean jacket to help give it some extra shape (and to make sure I didn’t look pregnant, because I’m not).

And that’s where Mr. Right and I got into a little debate about jean jackets. It’s true, I’m addicted to mine. I wear it with almost everything. It’s my clothing security blanket. I like how it adds an extra layer, makes a top more forgiving, makes me feel less exposed, and adds shape to something flowy. It’s a necessity.

Mr. Right says they’re out of style and I should stop hiding behind the jacket. That I should just GO for it, bare arms and all. And so I compromised – I wore my new thrifted dress once with the jacket (in my defense… it was a cold day!) and once without.

What do you think… is it time to retire my jean jacket? (PS – even if you say yes, I will probably keep wearing it. Old habits die hard…).


  1. I adore my denim jacket as well: I think you look fabulous! It is a versatile completer piece that literally goes with everything (except denim jeans… that’s a bit TOO much of denim in my opinion). Check out “” and her Pin boards. She comes up with all sorts of ways to style a denim jacket!


  2. Why limit yourself…wear it both ways. Spring when there is a bit of bite in the air add a jean jacket. Summer when it is blue blazin’ hot, no jacket…bare arms.

    P.S. Jean jackets are not out of style…I just bought one last week. They are a timeless staple.


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