The one where I try to fool you into thinking I’m a domestic goddess

I have a confession. I had never cooked a single thing in a crock pot until I was 32 years, 11 months and 13 days old. Which was last night, in case you’re wondering.

I am a lot of things, but Martha Stewart isn’t one of them.

The crock pot intimidated me. I mean, what kind of meat am I supposed to put in there? What exactly does a pot roast look like on the shelf at Target? I’m used to buying these things:

1. Chicken Breast

2. Ground Beef

3. Steak

4. Sausage

5. Bacon

If it’s not one of these five things, I don’t know what I’m doing. I guess one time I bought a pork tenderloin at Mr. Right’s request, but that was several years ago and I’m not sure I could find it again. But this weekend I put on my big girl panties and went to Target and found the pot roast along with a packet of au jus. Which I had to google – because what the heck is au jus? The name alone makes me tense up a little. Turns out they sell it in a McCormick’s packet next to the taco seasonings.

You’re officially a grown-up when you buy au jus. Not that I really understand what it is, but regardless, I have now cooked with it. Which makes me awesome.

I wish everything I cooked only required dumping meat, water, salsa, and a few packets of seasonings into a crock pot, turning it on, and walking away for 10 hours. When I got home from work last night, there was a gourmet dinner waiting for me!

Thanks Pinterest for your wonderful, easy recipe.

Being the overachiever that I am, I cooked dinner TWICE this week, and because both recipes turned out surprisingly well, I thought I’d share. (Please note – the photos are from Pinterest, not me – original sources with the recipes are available below.)


Chicken & Black Bean Casserole (click here for original source/recipe)


Mexican Corn (click here for original source/recipe) – My Target didn’t have corn on the cob, so I used the same ingredients but mixed them with canned corn instead.


Slow Cooker Pot Roast Sliders (click here for original source/recipe) – We served this with mashed sweet potatoes – so yummy!

I’m not done cooking either – I’ve got the ingredients for two more Pinterest recipes this week – and if I cook dinner four nights in one week, well, it will be a Christmas miracle.

It’s a good thing Mr. Right didn’t marry me for my cooking abilities. Or my house cleaning abilities. Or my making-the-bed abilities. But at least this week I got to pretend a little.


  1. That’s so funny to hear you say because I always had you in my mind as this young modern Martha Stewart because of your fashion sense, style, home decor, hostess abilities, and craftiness. I used a crock pot for the first time this year and if you recall the photos of my pork chops you will know it was an epic fail because they turned into black briquettes.


  2. Any meat (chicken breats, pork shoulder, brisket) + canned tomatoes + garlic + chicken broth + spices = delicious. Put on top of lettuce and top with avocado and salsa….easy peasy meal!


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