Thanksgiving 2009

Overheard at today’s family Thanksgiving:

Me to my sister & her husband: You guys are so photogenic!
Other sister: You know that means you’re going to have ugly children. Pretty people always have ugly children.
My sister, the eternal optimist.
Me to my dad & brother-in-law (before taking their picture): Do something manly!
Dad & bro: (insert grunting noises and muscle flexing here)
We also engaged in a lively conversation about how next Thanksgiving, my new boyfriend (Tony Romo… he’s partial to blondes) and I will take on my sister Sarah and her to-be-named-later husband in a competitive game of flag football. This of course follows the assumption that (a) Tony and I are going to fall in love next year, and (b) my sister is going to meet a guy, fall in love with him, and marry him before November 2010. If this happens, I’m pretty sure Tony and I will annihilate them in flag football.
It was a wonderful Thanksgiving indeed.

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