Tea Party

Tea Party 1

I’ve been waiting all my life to have a tea party with my daughter. Last night while Mr. Right was heading home from the office, she and I “cooked” dinner in her play kitchen, then set up a large picnic tea party for Wrenn’s “friends.”
Tea Party 2

This precious child probably played like this for an hour. I taught her how to cradle her teddy bear like a baby and give her a bottle (which was actually a play bottle of cinnamon, but that’s what imaginations are for). We made carrot soup. She wore a bow (which never happens, but this was a fancy occasion) and her Santa pajamas. Which, by the way, she points at the Santa on her pajamas and then says “Ho! Ho! Ho!” with such conviction. It’s Christmas every day in this house.Tea Party 3

I am so thankful for little girls with giant imaginations, and for opportunities to stop everything else and get on the floor and play with my child in the midst of the chaos of life. She is such a joy.


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