Our Train Adventure

Train AdventureMy favorite thing about kids is their sense of wonder. ANYTHING can be an adventure, even something that seems so mundane to us adults. Like the train.


Don’t be confused by Wrenn’s solemn expression. She was SO overwhelmed about the train that she got super serious at first. But she was really SO EXCITED.

Wrenn is obsessed with the CHOO CHOO. It’s all she talks about (well, that and airplanes… and cows… and butterflies). Cousin Cutie was staying with us last weekend and he’s also obsessed with trains, so I figured I would take them for a fun little outing on the TRE.


We picked up the train to Fort Worth at the station near our house and rode it to the furthest spot in Fort Worth, then rode it back home. The whole trip took about an hour, including a 30-minute wait at the T&P Station. The thought of corralling two toddlers near train tracks was a bit overwhelming, and once we got there, I realized that we had a perfect view of dozens of FREIGHT TRAINS from our window that provided the greatest entertainment ever for my little riders. So, no need to even get off during our wait!


During our 30 minute wait at the last train stop, we ate snacks and watched the freight trains go by and waved to EVERYBODY.

Every time the train whistle blew, both would squeal with delight and laugh and smile. Over and over, every time like it was the first time they heard it. I’m pretty sure it was the greatest adventure yet of their little lives, and seeing it not only brought joy to me, but also to the other people riding along.  Kids remind us that normal life can be an adventure, too. It was such a thrill to get to experience it with them. We will definitely be putting this on the repeat list!


A post-adventure lunch together, followed by a nap. They were exhausted!