I titled my blog Surreptitiously because until today I didn’t know what that word meant. But thanks to my good friends at, I now know that it means secretive. It was one of my many discoveries today as I read 16 academic journal articles about blogging ethics for a research paper. 

Whew. I never knew blogging could be so complex. Honestly, all I do is crank up the old computer and start writing. I have several blogging friends who mull over their entries for days. I don’t bother with that– I just spit the words out onto the page, give it a few fast proof-reads, and then off it launches into the blogging universe, for better or worse. Occasionally I catch a mistake (as I’m sure you do too, although you’re much too kind to tell me) and I’ll sneak back and correct it. And apparently that’s a highly unethical blogging move. I apologize to you, my 15 daily readers. I will try to be better. Although when weighing my ethical responsibilities against my hatred of type-o’s, I may just have to choose to be unethical for once in my life. A girl only lives once, right?
I’m going to try to do better at linking you to cool things I read online. I’m a hard-core news junky who follows three daily newspapers, 100 blogs, all of the major television news Web sites, plus a bunch of other random stuff that comes across my desk. It’s all part of the job, and one that I’m surreptitiously grateful for. I finally found a job that pays me to monitor the media. Eureka!
As I scour the news for work-related stuff, I come across all sorts of weird news stories. I’ll try to let you know what those are, so you can impress your friends and win at Trivial Pursuit.
Here’s my latest discoveries:
Here’s a gal’s ethnographic account of the 9/11 attacks in New York. She tells a good story, and I like her writing style.  
Ever wondered what a trillion dollars looks like?
If I could be a super hero, I think I would choose to be Grammar Girl. I would wear a leotard, a cape, and carry my A.P. Stylebook and a red pen. 
I love celebrity news. It makes me feel so much better about myself. Our local paper has a pretty fun entertainment blog, be it a tad snarky. But sometimes I like snarky.
I would write more, but I just discovered a renegade mosquito buzzing around my bedroom. I’m highly allergic to mosquitos–not enough to make me sick, but enough to grow giant red welps all over my skin if one pays me a visit. I’m determined to kill this sucker before it has a chance to leave me love notes all over my face while I sleep. I’m scheduled to attend a wedding tomorrow, and I would prefer not to come looking like a pepperoni pizza!
Please leave me a comment with some of your favorite sites too! I’d love to add to my collection.

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