Summer bucket list – finish a chapter in my book

I can cross the first item off my summer bucket list: I have finished a chapter of my book. Actually, several.
Here’s the story:
When we were first dating, Mr. Right asked me what my biggest dream was, and I told him one of my life’s goals is to write a book. Which I do want to do, but it has always seemed like something I should do later, when I have more life experiences. 
But in true Mr. Right fashion (which is one of the many reasons why I adore him so) he told me he would do whatever he could to support me and encourage me to write that book. And boy has he taken that seriously. The next year, after were married, he told me that for Christmas he wanted me to write him a chapter for my book.
Ugh. Now I was really going to have to do it.
I came up with excuse after excuse of why this wasn’t a good time, how I was too busy to write a book, I wasn’t ready to write a book, that I needed more practice before writing a book. But he insisted.
Poor thing got a Patagonia vest for Christmas instead. 
I really did sit down and try to write something, but the well was dry. No book. I hammered out a few pages on two different occasions, with two different stories going, and yet nothing seemed to go anywhere. So I put it away and bought the vest and Mr. Right kindly loved me right through my stubbornness.
So now I’m getting back on the bike and giving it another try. Mr. Right got a belated Christmas present this week in the form of the first few pages of my story. I’m not ready to tell you what it’s about just yet, but if it were a movie, it would be a chick flick (would you expect anything else from me?), and I’m determined to make sure the main character sets her hair on fire at some point. And there will be a marathon.
I must admit that sending my husband my writing was a bit like standing naked before a firing squad waiting to be shot. It’s scary. Of course it shouldn’t be, since he loves me dearly and was so encouraging after reading it, but it was still scary.
And yet I’m determined to keep writing. Who knows, maybe I’ll get brave and post a few paragraphs on here. Maybe.

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