Stream of Consciousness

Here’s my thought process behind my new hobby.

(While doing my hair on Saturday morning, getting ready to go speak to a community group for work…)

Hmmm… my good friend Tiffany is having a baby next year. I need to think of the perfect gift for her baby shower… in November.

Tiffany always thinks of the best gifts.

I should make her something.

It’ll take too long to knit a baby blanket.

I wish I could make her a quilt. Except I don’t know how to quilt. Or sew.

I should learn how to quilt!

I’ll go buy a sewing machine!

And a few hours later, there I was in Wal-Mart, buying a Singer sewing machine. I spent my next four hours trying to get the stupid thing to work. After a few sighs of exasperation, I finally called my friend Melanie, a master quilter, who agreed to come teach me. And a few hours later, I had a quilt pieced together!

Last night, as I lay in bed, I thought of all of the awesome quilts I could make this year. I could make them for birthday gifts, wedding gifts, baby gifts… maybe I could quit my job and be a full-time quilter!

The only problem… today, when I went to work on it again (without Melanie), I couldn’t get that silly sewing machine to work. Again. I spent two hours, and finally just quit.

I hate quilting.

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