Check this out… tonight I ran 4.06 miles in only 36:02 minutes… that’s 8:52/mile. I know this because I bought one of those cool Nike thingy’s that plug into your iPod and tell you how fast/how far you are running. It’s a pretty neat invention!

Last Saturday I ran 10 miles in 1 hour and 56 minutes. For those keeping track, that’s very, VERY slow (it would have been faster if I wasn’t so close to throwing up for the last two miles… fun). I’m shooting for a 10-minute mile at my half-marathon, which means I have a lot of training to do in the next month! And then, after that, I will have a lot of sitting-on-my-couch-eating-ice-cream-and-not-exercising to do. Beginning December 15. Mark your calendar, maybe you can “train” with me.


  1. I am so on board with the Dec. 15th training plan!!! I will bring the ice cream, cookies and cream okay? Can we quilt too? Maybe we can even catch up on Grey’s!


  2. I prefer Rocky Road, but I think we can just get two cartons of ice cream. I figure I should be a good friend and put on a few pounds of sympathy weight before your baby comes, this post-training program will help me do that!


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