Say a little prayer…

The title of this blog reminds me of the song from My Best Friend’s Wedding.

To my praying friends, I could definitely use your prayers!

1. I think I’m sick again. You know, the same kind of sick I was from January-May 2011 (and one time in the fall). I’m not sure and it’s too late to go to the doctor tonight, and luckily I have an arsenal of antibiotics that allow me to self-treat (with the doctor’s blessing). But I could cry. I have to run 9 miles tomorrow to train for my half marathon. I’m hosting a teacher’s meeting at my house Monday night, cooking dinner for a group of people…

And Mr. Right is about to leave for India for TWO WEEKS. Being sick is not the way I wanted to see him off.

I’d cry, but I don’t want to smudge my makeup. I have a party to go to tonight.

2. Mr. Right is about to leave for India for TWO WEEKS. Please pray for his last-minute preparations (there are so many things to do). Please pray for the start of his malaria medicine, which begins tomorrow (and tends to be a rather nasty drug). And please pray that I won’t spend the next two days a weepy (feverish) mess thinking about him leaving. I am determined to just enjoy the next few days of him being here, and then stay blissfully busy while he’s gone. It’s going to be fantastic. (see, this is me convincing myself… nice, isn’t it?).

And while you’re praying, pray for the folks that Mr. Right and our head pastor will be meeting with. They’re headed to work out some logistics so that our church can bring teams for mission trips later this year. It’s a fantastic opportunity, and I am can’t wait to hear all about it when he gets home.

And thanks to my blog friends (Ashleigh) who have so generously offered to hang out with me while he’s gone. Looks like I’ll have a full social calendar next week, and soon I’ll tackle the following week. It’s going to be non-stop chick flicks and quilting and hanging out with girlfriends.

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