I’ve been designing scripture posters for myself for years. I have a framed copy of all of the verses I need to make it through my workday with my sanity intact framed next to my computer, so that whatever challenges I might face during the day, I’ve got a scripture handy to quote over and over until I can regain my sanity. 
Yesterday during my morning Bible study I stumbled across this verse, and it just made me HAPPY. Don’t you love it when the Bible throws something like this at you, that you can just wrap your arms around and hug close to your chest and let out a huge sigh of relief and just… rest?
Life is nutty right now. Then again, it always seems that way, doesn’t it? Through a lot of unknowns right now, as Mr. Right and I take a big leap of faith and try a new adventure on for size, I want to remain THANKFUL for all of the ways God has provided for me in the past. He has shown up before and I am certain he will show up again.
Do you keep a list? If not, you should. I keep a running list of all the ways God has shown up, answered my prayers, knocked my socks off with blessings or snuck something in unexpectedly that could have only come from him. Seeing that list makes those giant leaps of faith, those urgent prayers during a crisis, those dark moments when nothing will do except for a MIRACLE, more manageable. Survivable.
So let’s rejoice together in ALL of the GOOD THINGS our Lord has given us and our households. 
PS–To get a copy of your very own Ombre Scripture Art, visit Texas Lovely online. Until the end of August I’m offering buy-one-get-one-free on this piece so that you can keep one for yourself and give one to a friend who might need a little reminder to rejoice.

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