Random thoughts

1. I think my dog and I are allergic to the same things. He has been sick for a few days now, and tonight my throat started to hurt. Both of us are doped up on Benedryl… only I swallow mine and he takes his in peanut butter. I think we’ll both sleep well from the drugs.

2. Tonight I stuffed 270 surveys and labeled 270 envelopes for my research project. It’s the best kind of homework… the kind you can do while watching Dancing With The Stars. But it’s not exactly glamorous. They definitely don’t mention that part on the school’s recruiting Web site.

3. Dancing With The Stars is like a bad cruise show performance. I feel like a 70-year old lady in a muumuu every time I watch it. And yet, I still watch.

4. Only six days until the Rangers’ Opening Day (the season opener, not the home opener). They really should consider making Opening Day a federal holiday. I always take the day off work anyway, they might as well let the kids out of school and close the post office. I’m sure the mail man would like to watch the games. It may be the only day this season my Rangers are in first place.

The Benedryl is starting to kick in, so I should sign off before I start hallucinating.

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  1. you mentioned “Rangers” and “first place” in the same sentence….I think the Benadryl kicked in before you signed off


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