Project: Backyard Make-over

Ingredients for my backyard make-over:

6-80 lb. bags of concrete
12-50 lb. bags of concrete
3,000 pounds of Arkansas red flagstone
2 hoes
1 pick-axe
1 shovel
8 bags of rose planting soil (aka–fancy schmancy cow manure)
3 rose bushes
Another ton or two of rock to border my rose garden

And we’re half-way there!

It’s been a busy two days. Yesterday my dad and I worked like dogs all afternoon, ripping out grass, pouring concrete, laying rock, and never stopping to rest. We did make a quick trip to Home Depot half-way through the afternoon, and we were so dirty we were barely recognizable. Homeless people look more presentable than we did. But who cares when you’re having fun? We really did have a wonderful time working together. My dad is really good at projects like this, and I enjoy learning how to do new things.

Tonight I finished off my rose garden… I have three beautiful (although small) rose bushes happily planted and watered and ready to grow to their projected 4 feet by 4 feet in the next 3 years. That is, if they live that long. The folks at Calloway’s promised me they would be fool proof. You basically stick them in the ground and water them every once in awhile, and they live all by themselves. I made friends with one of the nursery emloyees and he taught me all about how to take care of them. Hopefully my flowers will be as independent and low-maintenance as he promised!

I took lot’s of pictures, but I had friends over tonight and we stayed up late talking and now I’m too tired to upload them. But I promise to post before-and-after photos tomorrow! (hopefully)

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