Project 115

I’ve officially started Project 115, and I hope to stay accountable by posting about it here.

It all started one week after the wedding, when I got sick for the first time. Four months of basically going from work to bed and bed to work meant (1) I wasn’t able to work out, (2) I ate a lot because I felt sorry for myself, (3) I lost all of my muscle (or so it felt like) and with it my metabolism, (4) the more weight I gained, the frumpier I felt.
I became an old married lady before I’d barely even been married. I peaked at a brand-new 15 pounds. It was 10 pounds heavier than I had ever weighed before. None of my clothes fit, and I was too frustrated to buy something new, so I just wear the same thing over. And over. And over.
But now I’m healthy and determined to get back to my January 8 wedding weight. Mr. Right is also determined to shed a few pounds, so we’re holding each other accountable.
Even though I didn’t start the new workout regimen until June 2, I did lose four pounds in the past two weeks from our never-ending home renovation project. Who knew that 10-hour painting sessions could burn so many calories?! Yea! So beginning yesterday, June 2, I had 11 more pounds to go.
I’m calling it Project 115. You can probably guess why. 🙂
Since Mr. Right and I lead wonderfully over-scheduled lifestyles (like this week – we worked on the house two nights, and had two fabulous dinners with friends… so no time to hit the gym after work) we have decided to work out BEFORE WORK. Like, at the crack of dawn.
I’m the one most likely to hit the snooze button, so we’ve agreed to hold each other accountable and force each other out of bed every single weekday morning at 5:30. The first day our alarm went off that early, Mr. Right jumped out of bed and flipped on our overhead light. There was no turning back after that.
So far, we’ve done two early-morning workouts in a row, which I think should count for extra credit in the form of extra weight loss. This morning, as we struggled to peel ourselves out of bed, I had to tell myself “We’re getting HOT. It’s going to be worth it.”
I’m doing P90X right now, simply because I don’t have to leave my house and I can happily sweat in the comfort of my air conditioned living room. If I get bored, I’ll tag along with Will at the gym. At this point, I’m just determined to get up and do SOMETHING every morning.
And so it begins. After two workouts I feel sore (nothing a little Advil can’t fix), and stronger, and I already feel better about myself. My goal is to lose the other 11 pounds by September 1.
Let’s do this.

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