Postcard from the Adriatic Sea

Just a quick note to say that the European Cruise is going wonderfully! I’ve visited Venice, Croatia (Dubrovnik), and Greece (Corfu, Argostoli, and Santorini). I have walked miles around a medieval wall in 100 degree heat, walked down a mountain in donkey dung (funniest 40 minutes of my trip), and rolled backwards through a Greek village in a jeep with stripped gears (before hitching a ride with a group of French Candian strangers). It has been a magical vacation. And anybody thinking about visiting Europe should definitely consider seeing it on a cruise… we travel from destination to destination while I sleep soundly in my cabin. Every night I get a 5-course meal… for free. I’ve got all the water I want… for free (if you’ve ever been to Europe, you can appreciate this). And I have taken a nap almost every day of my trip. Greece is spectacular, and I’m seriously tempted to sell everything I own and buy a villa on a cliff in Santorini. If I don’t come home, you’ll know where to find me… in a white-washed home with a blue dome roof, overlooking the sea.

Tonight I had a 3-hour dinner in a restaurant on a cliff in Fira, Santorini (the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants island), overlooking the sea as I watched the sun set across the horizen. It has been a spectacular vacation so far. I promise to post pictures when I return. But trust me, it’s spectacular!

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