Pooh on David’s Bridal

David’s Bridal, you are a bad, bad company.

First, you messed up my sister’s wedding dress. You altered it (for $400). And it didn’t fit.
So she had it altered again. And it still didn’t fit.
So she had it altered a third time. And it still didn’t fit.
Oh yeah, and after the third alteration, she found BLOOD on her dress. And rips and snags in the seams. Your seamstress BLED on my sister’s dress, did shoddy work, and all you offered to do to make it right was discount her $65. 
Um, yeah, that’s not going to work.
Because you ruined her first dress (after three failed alterations), you ordered her a second dress. You made her wait a month for it to arrive. When the new dress came… it was too small. Even though it was the size you claimed would fit her better. And then, you still wouldn’t do anything to make it right. That nothing could be done. For a fourth time, you couldn’t get it right. 
Even worse, you made my sister cry.
That’s when big sister Bethe stepped in. After a spirited “discussion” with your manager, you said you might give her a free alteration. After you clear it through corporate, you have promised to call me in the morning.
But, David’s Bridal… if you don’t take care of this (and quickly)… then you’re going to get to see me in action. Nobody messes with my sister. And you have no idea how persistent I can be. Just ask the VP of Communications for AOL, who called and gave me a personal apology a few years ago for the actions of his company. I’m a nice girl, and I will be nice to you. And I’m rarely assertive or confrontational. But don’t mess with me when I mean business. 
And trust me, I mean business on this one. 
But I’m hopeful that you, David’s Bridal, will do the right thing. Take care of your customer. Save the day. 
Go ahead. This is your chance.

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