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I’ll confess – I barely knew what a podcast was before Serial. Mr. Right called me one day and told me I just HAD to download it and listen so he would have someone to talk about it with. And then I had to ask him how to download a podcast. (If you don’t know how… here’s the 411.)

That was a year ago, and since then I have become addicted to podcasts. Like, there’s really no reason you should be listening to the radio. None.

PrintHands down the best podcast:

Serial: Last season was AMAZING. This season seems to be pretty darn great, although it’s still in the early stages. Go binge listen to both of these first, before you check out anything else. Don’t ask questions, just do it. You will thank me, I promise. And then you need to message me or comment with who you think did it. Because I totally know. (start with Season One)

Podcasts about Serial: After you binge listen to Serial, you need to check out these:

Undisclosed: A podcast hosted by three lawyers (I’m such an internet nerd that I was reading all three of their blogs months before they started a podcast), where they examine every single tiny detail about Adnan’s case (Season One). I have learned so much about the legal process. It’s so much better than an episode of Law & Order. (must listen in order)

Crime Writers on Serial: The literature nut in me LOVES this podcast. It’s essentially a book club discussion about each week’s Serial episode. It’s hosted by several real crime authors (I didn’t even realize Real Crime was a genre – think every 20/20 episode you ever watched on a Friday night when you didn’t have a date). They love to discuss the writing, the symbolism, the story arc… it takes me back to all of my English Literature classes I took in undergrad. It’s wonderful.

Truth & Justice: This is a little bit more blue collar and a little cheesy, but still good. If you get hooked on Serial, add this to the list, but listen to it last. (must listen in order)

Slate Serial Spoilers: Yeah… I’m a total nerd. If you’re addicted to Serial, listen to this weekly recap too, although it’s only half as smart as Crime Writers.

Podcasts besides Serial: Yes, there are actually other podcasts that I listen to. Here’s a few:

Stuff You Should Know: Each week they do a deep dive into a different topic. Want to know everything there is to know about ear wax? Or citizen’s arrest? If you love Wikipedia, IMDB, or anything non-fiction, you’ll love this.

The Generation Why Podcast: This is a lot like Stuff You Should Know, but serial killer/mystery edition. It’s got everything you ever wanted to know about Hitler, the Branch Davidians, Ted Bundy… so many interesting topics to choose from.

Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast: Now that you think I’m totally dark and twisted – I promise you, I’m not totally horrible. Andy Stanley has really surprised me – I never thought of him as hip and relevant, but after hearing him speak at a few conferences this year, I’m hooked. He’s got GREAT insight on leadership. Check him out.

Marriage is Funny: I love this light-hearted podcast taped by a real married couple, talking about everyday married topics. As someone who had a HUGE fight her first month of marriage about which side of the kitchen sink the sponge belonged on… I can kind of relate. They’re real and lovely and entertaining. (more fun if you listen in order)

The Diane Rehm Show: She’s the NPR host who does in-depth interviews on various current events, and every Friday she hosts the Friday News Roundup – both a national and international edition. It’s a fantastic way to stay on top of current events and get perspectives from people on all sides of a topic.

Better Call Saul Insider Podcast: When the show comes back on in February, I’ll anxiously be tuning in each week to their behind-the-scenes podcast, hosted by the show’s editor, creator, and various actors/directors. It’s just SO INTERESTING to hear the writing/directing/shooting process. If you’re a Breaking Bad fan, the same folks did a podcast for that too.

If you’ve still go some free time, I also recommend TED Radio Hour, Freakonomics Radio, Radiolab, and Slate’s Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick.

I listen to more, but these are my faves. And I’m always on the hunt for something new. Blog reading friends… what other podcasts do you love that I should be listening to?


  1. Aaaah! We’re nuts over podcasts. 😀 My husband is creating a podcast network, in fact, at http://onthego.fm.

    But my current faves (besides his) are Think (from KERA right down the road), the Nutrition Diva, StartUp, Mystery Show, and a couple from NPR–Tiny Desk Concerts and their Books podcast.

    Love listening!


    1. I love THINK and haven’t found it as a Podcast – but then again, I only looked on the NPR app and not in iTunes. I’m off to download it, because it’s one of my favorite NPR shows (I love NPR). Thanks for the recommendations!


  2. LOVE this post! I’ve been binging on podcasts as well lately. Mostly churchy/teachy stuff since I had no idea there were things like Serial. But now I know! (Not that the churchy stuff is bad. Lord I apologize.)


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