You know I love to quilt, but I’ve been looking for some quicker, less-expensive projects to serve as gifts (and who knows, maybe one day can go in an Etsy store to fund my fabric stash). I’ve had some ideas for pillows swimming around in my head for a year now, and finally had time between quilt projects to give two of them a try.

Ruffle My Feathers Pillow

Lately I’ve been obsessed with ruffles and this gal was easy-peasy. I just sewed up a stack of ruffles and then machine-stitched them onto a matching square of fabric. I used a light-weight cotton and hand-stitched it shut at the bottom. This became a birthday gift to a dear friend. 

We’ve Come Full Circle Pillow

This pillow was inspired by a set of pillows we got as wedding gifts from Crate & Barrel. Ever since I got it, I’ve wanted to recreate it on a smaller scale. I just took some felt I had leftover from making a Christmas wreath, used a few items I had laying around my sewing studio to trace the circles, and then hand-stitched them onto a matching square. Next time I do this I’ll probably do it on my machine, but I was a little worried that my free-motion quilting might be a bit wobbly on those little circles. 
I think I may make some in red and white, or green and white, for Christmas presents. They would be so cheerful!


  1. Very cute! My favorite part is the names. 🙂 I have gotten fairly crafty lately but I don't even own a needle and thread…maybe you should start giving lessons to fund your fabric stash!


  2. question on the ruffle my feather pillow: do you seam the edges of the ruffles? or use that non-fray glue stuff on them? or do you let them fray? i want to make some of these! i have my grandmother's sewing machine and can do only easy stuff…this would be right up my alley. even tho i can't sew a straight line! ;O


  3. @Michelle – I do two different kinds – both finished and raw-edged ruffles. I don't use any glue, everything is sewn.


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