People like to say SALSA

Every time I mention salsa class, I think about that awesome Seinfeld episode:

GEORGE: “Why don’t they have salsa on the table?”

JERRY: “What do you need salsa for?”

GEORGE: “Salsa is now the number one condiment in America.”

JERRY: “You know why? Because people like to say “salsa.” “Excuse me, do
you have any salsa?” “We need more salsa.” “Where is the salsa? No salsa?”

GEORGE: “You know it must be impossible for a Spanish person to order
seltzer and not get salsa. “I wanted seltzer, not salsa!”

JERRY: “Don’t you know the difference between seltzer and salsa? You
have the seltezer after the salsa!”

GEORGE: “See, this should be a show. This is the show.”

See, how could you not just LOVE Seinfeld?

And I also really do love my salsa class. For 90 minutes, once a week, I get to go clubbing… at 7:00 in the evening, in a smoke-free, alcohol-free environment, where everybody is super nice, nobody gropes you, the men are polite, and the music isn’t deafening. It’s good stuff.

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