Patio: Done!

My dad, the saint, came and finished my patio today while I was at work… which means the project is done! Well, actually, projects are never done… but this one is pretty close. I still need to add some more flowers to my new garden (those roses look kind of lonely), keep shopping for some patio furniture, and start saving for that grill. But the hard part is out of the way, thanks to my wonderful dad who worked SO hard on it.

And the best part is… tonight I am enjoying some beautiful bright pink roses on my kitchen table, cut from my garden! Not that I can take credit, since they were already there when I bought the rose bushes, but they’re officially my very first roses from my rose garden! Yea!

On another note… Today some of my coworkers and I went to the Reata for a lunch. We’re using them to cater an event in two weeks, so we had an excuse to go do a “tasting.” These are actually very important–at the tasting for my gala last month, the dessert turned out to be NASTY. If we hadn’t done a run-through, then my 180 guests would have been served a terrible dessert. Instead we made a last-minute change to something much better. Whew.

So back to the tasting… Reata is my absolute FAVORITE place to eat in the whole world. It’s kind of pricey so I rarely go, but I really do love it. Even more than pedicures. And today, because we were choosing between several different entree options for our upcoming luncheon, they served us THREE meals for TWO people! And on top of that, we just HAD to get dessert (their molten chocolate cake is to DIE for, as is their ice cream tacos, peacn pie… I could go on…). I got to take tons of leftovers home, so I enjoyed Reata for dinner tonight, and I’ll be having another meal for lunch tomorrow. Sometimes my job is really nice.

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