Chevron Baby Stroller Quilt

I know I’ve told several people I wouldn’t be making any more baby quilts for the time being (except for Wrenn girl’s quilt, which I started on Saturday), but a few weeks ago I had a burst of energy and some leftover scraps from my mom’s mullet quilt. And so I whipped up this little […]

The Pregnant Girl Patchwork Quilt

Have I mentioned that I’m feeling better? To all of you dear friends and readers who have prayed for me and encouraged me through SIX LONG MONTHS OF ROUND THE CLOCK MORNING SICKNESS (bleh), I am pleased to announce that I have been (almost) completely nausea free FOR FOUR WHOLE WEEKS! This is me doing […]

The Mullet Quilt

For my mama’s birthday I just knew I wanted to make her a quilt. It was a big milestone birthday and it deserved to be marked with an extra-special gift. And then I got that pesky morning sickness that is STILL lingering, and all of my quilting dreams went out the window. I haven’t even […]

The Story of My Strip & Flip Baby Quilt

Some of my friends may remember that for several years I was a Big Sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Since at the time I was terrified of young children (silly me), I signed up for a teenager, and I ended up getting the coolest teenager in town – Stephanie. We spent four years together, […]

Strip & flip ombre baby quilt

By now you’re probably thinking, “All that crazy girl sews is yellow and gray triangle quilts.” And you would be right… almost. I have been in a weird phase lately, but I’ve also got dozens of quilt ideas swimming around in my head, just waiting to make it out onto my sewing studio floor. The […]

Yellow & gray diamond baby quilt

My wedding colors were yellow and gray. My shop branding is yellow and gray. My never-ending yo yo quilt I’m making myself is yellow and gray. My last baby quilt was yellow and gray. My “You are my Sunshine” print is designed in yellow and gray. (Come to think of it, so is this one […]

Books, babies, parties, and quilting

This weekend, the theme was REST. Since I was at a conference last weekend, I basically worked 12 days straight without a day off. Add to it that much of those first 5-6 days I was feeling pretty sick, which meant my energy level was lower than normal, and a 13-hour day Thursday, and by […]

My latest quilting obsession

You may have noticed a pattern (no pun intended), but I am sort of in love with triangle quilts. It started with an obsession with chevron and then expanded to a desire to try every possible combination, partly because (a) I’m getting really fast at cutting those triangles and (b) they really are some of […]

Baby Jack’s Quilt

My sweet nephew, Baby Jack, is in the NICU right now. He made his grand entrance EIGHT weeks early, and still came in at a whopping 4 pounds 4 ounces. He’s absolutely beautiful and loved by so many people. And someday soon he will be snoozing away on this quilt, an expression of my love […]

Yellow & Gray Chevron Baby Quilt

Goodness knows I love yellow and gray – they’re the colors I used for my wedding, and the colors I’ve used for my never-ending yo yo quilt. And so of course when I stumbled across this fabric, I just HAD to make a quilt with it. Oh yeah, and I’m obsessed with chevron. It was […]