Organized Disorganized

I’m the most organized disorganized person you’ll ever meet. Organized because I calendarize everything, schedule my life weeks and months in advance, and usually have about 30 projects at home and work dancing around my mind on any given day.
I’m disorganized because I’m a bit A.D.D. and can’t seem to finish anything. My desk at work and my closet at home are a mess. And please, oh please, don’t ever take a peek in my bathroom cabinets. You might not survive.
And so I battle daily against my disorganized tendencies, misplacing everything but my head and keeping my racing mind at bay. This week my solution is this:
It’s a miniature notebook that tucks away inside my purse. My goal is to use it to keep my daily bible verse, my personal to-do list and my shopping list reminders in one spot. Because when it hit me this morning that “We need to buy toilet paper” while checking work emails, I needed to capture that thought on paper so it wouldn’t go on bouncing around in my head the rest of the day.
Will it work? I’ll let you know in about two weeks… this adorable little notebook may be caked in muffin crumbs and spattered in coffee drops by then. Or it may be my new favorite toy. I’ve already tried using “notes” on my iPhone, carrying a paper calendar with space for a grocery list, and emailing myself reminders. But this is way cuter.
Speaking of cute…

One night this week I organized my sewing room. Probably my favorite spot in the house, because it’s where I get to create things, let my creative juices flow and snack on Valentine’s M&M’s while I sew until my heart’s content and catch up on my favorite shows on Hulu.

But lately, with several sewing deadlines back-to-back, my creativity has left little time for picking up. Add to it the fact that Mr. Right graciously gave me a set of shelves he wasn’t using in his study anymore, and we kind of just threw them against the wall and never bothered to put anything on them, while the piles on the floor kept growing and growing and growing.

I finally got inspired to take an hour and reclaim control over my happy place. I am so glad I did. I’ll have to do a photo tour of the rest of the room soon – we recently took the guest bed out of this room and put it in Mr. Right’s study so that I’d have more room to work on the floor (if you haven’t noticed, quilts are big and take up a lot of space while you’re laying them out). And, I proudly displayed some of my yo-yo patches since it’ll be another two years before I make enough yo-yo’s to finish that monster of a quilt. My scraps could use some attention, but at least they’re tucked away in a dresser until I figure out how I want to sort them. I’ve learned in quilting you can’t throw any fabric away, no matter how small the scrap. Someday it may come in handy.

What about you? Got any organization tips that will change my life?

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