Oh my word, I’m tired

I’m so glad I don’t have to keep that big secret again! If you know me, you know I stink at secrets, which is why we decided to go ahead and tell everybody. That, and we wanted to rally the prayer warriors.

So here’s the lowdown:

The basics

Turns out we’re seven weeks along. I thought I was a week further (boo) but after our second ultrasound today, the doctor has decided to push my due date back a week to July 23. I wouldn’t mind so much, except that means I’m one week further from finishing this first trimester (boo again). The good news is that the baby looked great on the ultrasound and we got to see that precious little heart beat. I’m in love with that tiny little baby.

How we told our parents

We told both sets of families on Thanksgiving day, which also happened to be my birthday. Both families responded with delicious squeals and cheering and it was so much fun.

By the way, I hate food now

That’s right. Food and I are no longer friends. It’s amazing how a baby the size of a blueberry can make you so very sick. I’m currently surviving on crackers, chicken noodle soup, and spaghetti (random, but I eat spaghetti at least twice a day, every day). I’ve been on nausea meds for almost a week now, but they’re not working very well so we just upped the dose. Fingers crossed that this time it will work. Anybody have any other secrets for me?

I’d write more, but I’m worn out (seems to be a trend these days). I’ll see you all in January when I find all that energy I seem to have misplaced!


  1. Ginger Ale helped me…peppermints (the red and white kind). The burst of energy in the 2nd trimester is nice! Praying for you three!!


  2. I wonder if I have been in my first trimester for the last 6 years?!? I am ways tired, even with 8-10 hours a sleep a night.


    Super duper excited for you!


  3. Have you tried the nausea bands, you where on your wrists. You can find them at Target for less than $10. They help a little. I was on two different nausea meds b/c my nausea was so bad, so I feel ya there! You could also try ginger…hello ginger cookies! And right now they have cute little gingerbread cookies for Christmas. : )


  4. A friend of mine told me to drink Chick Fil A lemonade when I was pregnant and not feeling too hot…perhaps it was all psychological, but it did help me! Congrats and thanks for the “details” post…you’d think that I would be able to figure out how far along someone is based on a due date, but that is just not the case!


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