New York and a small bag

I’m going to New York tomorrow to see a Yankee game! Hooray! I’m so unbelievably excited!

Of course, not excited enough to have started packing yet. And with school tonight until 9:00, and then a 2-hour special of The Bachelorette to watch on my Tivo after that, I need to get started on that packing NOW. Since we’re only going for a few days, sister Sarah and I aren’t going to check any bags so we can save our $15 surcharge for checked luggage. The only problem is, I pack more than any human being on earth EVERY time I go ANYWHERE. I’m a regular pack-mule, only cuter and sweeter. I could live for a week with what I bring in my bag every day to work, much less packing for an actual overnight trip. So this will be a nice challenge. Luckily, it’s summertime, and shorts and tank tops don’t take up much space. So we’ll see if I can do it!

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