Need a blog favor

Hi there blog buddies – I need a huge favor. I have started a new series on my work blog called Balanced Women – Healthy Families, and for my first post I featured my gorgeous sister and new mama Sarah. Today she’s giving advice to new moms on how to achieve balance during those crazy first few months of motherhood.

Would you be a huge friend and visit her on that blog today and leave her some encouragement in the comments? I’ll be featuring a different woman every Thursday morning and I am THRILLED with the posts we’ve already finished.

You see, this series is as much for me as it is for our readers.

It’s no secret that I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, and what better way to glean wisdom than to ask some awesome women how they manage to do it all? The secret, I’ve found, is that they don’t really do it all. They just do the important stuff.



  1. done! really, i am not putting you off… i really want to do dinner/drinks/coffee… i work best after the kids go down… would you be available at like, 8pm some night? i bet that is super late for you… i am the yoga pants in the morning variety… but i haven't completely forgotten the ways of a working woman. 🙂


  2. hmmm… that came out wrong. i missed my second sentence which was I WANT TO GET TOGETHER and …:) tired mom brain. what can i say??


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